Busy week this week so let’s get straight to it.

John Travolta is now a proud member of the Goose Egg club as his mobster film Gotti now holds 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and looks more likely to earn Travolta an army of Razzies than the Oscar nod he deluded himself into thinking he was going to get for it.

Star Wars is falling apart, allegedly all of the spin off films have been frozen after Solo A Star Wars Cashgrab tanked and a group of fanboys are running an online campaign to raise 200 million to remake the last Jedi. Despite lacking rights, actors, a script, crew and other unimportant things.

DC might be creating a new batverse as The Batman might take place in the same universe as the Joker Origin film which is in a different universe from the one which has Jared Leto in. Who is also getting his own film. I don’t know how that works either. Nor do I particulalrly care.
Disney and Pixar have been hit with another plagiarism lawsuit with regard to their successful animated film, Inside Out.
The Wrap reports that a Candian man named Damon Pourshian filed a lawsuit against Disney/Pixar earlier this week with regard to the company allegedly plagiarizing Inside Out. Apparently, the plaintiff wrote a script in 1999 with the same title, which was turned into a short film the following year. The connection with the House of Mouse, however, came in when the school where Pourshian wrote his story, Sheridan College, “sent large numbers of its graduates to work at Disney and Pixar and is considered a ‘feeder’ school for Disney and Pixar.” Citing “striking similarities” to his work, he decided to take legal action against the company. And I wish him the best of luck with that.
The new lawsuit against Disney and Pixar with regard to Inside Out follows two previous cases. The last one was filed by a Nevada-based author Carla J. Masterson, claiming that the company plagiarized her books “What’s on the Other Side of the Rainbow?” and “The Secret of the Golden Mirror.” Prior to that, a child psychologist from Minnesota named Denise Daniels, also filed a lawsuit against Disney and Pixar, but for for breach of contract. However, her case was dismissed last January as the judge ruled that since she had released materials related to the project publicly, there were actually no grounds for an implied contract between her and Disney.
Dinsey has yet to release a public statement about Pourshian’s lawsuit. But the plaintiff is demanding that his name be included in Inside Out’s credits on top of other unspecified damages.

In a similar vein,
Disney and Fox have agreed upon a bigger acquisition deal following a competing bid by Comcast. The Disney-Fox merger hasn’t officially happened though yet as it must first be approved by regulators. That shouldn’t be a problem after Time Warners and AT&T’s deal was approved. However, the smaller chance at a deal that won’t hold up gave Comcast new life in this hunt for Fox’s assets as they officially made a $65 billion bid.
Disney doesn’t appear interested in letting this deal slip away. Bloomberg reports Disney and Fox agreed to an updated deal worth $71.3 billion. The increased bid comes with Disney offering larger shares and cash. Their report states Fox called this new deal “offers more flexibility and other enhancements than the Comcast offer.” Under the new deal, shareholders at Fox can take payment in either stock or cash. I’m happy to take either.
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom costar Daniella Pineda has revealed that a deleted scene confirmed her character in the film is gay. Pineda costars in the movie as Dr. Zia Rodriguez, a paleo-vetenarian and one of several franchise newcomers featured in the Jurassic World sequel.
The Fallen Kingdom script (written by Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow and his partner Derek Connolly) originally included a scene where Owen and Zia take a moment to chat and get to know one another better, before their dino-saving mission takes a turn for the worst. While the scene in question was also filmed, Pineda says it ended up on the cutting room floor over the course of the movie’s post-production.
Sadly, the fact that this Fallen Kingdom scene was cut makes it part of a frustrating trend where LGBT characters’ sexualities are only identified on a subtextual level or not at all in Hollywood tentpoles. Last year’s Thor: Ragnarok similarly cut a scene that confirmed the character Valkyrie is bisexual, while films like Power Rangers and Beauty and the Beast were taken to task for noticeably downplaying moments where a key supporting player is identified as being gay or queer. This fall’s Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald has likewise been criticized, following the reveal that it will not “explicitly” confirm creator J.K. Rowling’s longstanding claim that Albus Dumbledore is gay.

And on that depressing note, I’ll see you all next week.