Yesterday Review

Dunkers, I am so confused right now.

Not about the plot of this film. Trust me, once you’ve seen a film where single people are banished to a hotel and are then given thirty days to get into a relationship or be turned into a lobster there’s very little that confuses you in films (apart from Momento I mean I’m only human) but by the fact that this is a film directed by Danny Boyle- fresh from getting out of the ungodly car crash that Bond 25 is turning into teaming up with the writer of Love Actually!

Danny 27 Hours Later, Sunshine, 127 Hours Boyle teaming up with the writer of Love Actually! That’s like Batman teaming up with the Ninja Turtles!
Huh, he did that and it came out on DVD this year?

That’s like Batman teaming up with Judge Dredd!
Sherlock Holmes?
Scooby Flaming Do?!?!?
Fine. This writing team up is like Batman teaming up with my mate Tom who thinks that just because he doesn’t drink he never has to get round in.
The point is that this team up shouldn’t work and yet it kinda does really.
The ideas really cool in that a mysterious blackout has caused everyone to completely forget The Beatles (along with a feather things) ever existed and completely removed all records, CD’s, YouTube videos etc from existence.
It’s also the kind of surgical removal which has left all art inspired by the Beatles completely intact. The inlyperson who remembers they existed is a failing singer who can recrerate all their songs from scratch. And even helps them to survive repeated encounters with Ed Sheeran.
We’re never told how or why this happened and frankly, I don’t care. We never questioned how or why Bill Murray got stuck in a time loop in Groundhog Day and its the same idea here.
Again it’s not the biggest suspension of disbelief I’ve ever had to make and its a really cool idea to springboard from.
Its just a shame that the main guy is a complete drip, none of his supporting characters gets any depth, the plots completely predictable once you strip away the while Beatles veneer, there’s a scene with James Corden in it which is one to many in my book and it well, it just doesn’t have enough Beatles music in it.
I mean, you would think that, having allegedly spent 10 million of your 24 million dollar budget on getting the rights to the songs, then you would use the damn things but the film just… doesn’t.
Which is a shame as the film, for all its predictability has a real charm and warmth to it. A flawed idea brought to life by humans who are passionate about it rather than made by marketing people in an attempt to sell toys.
The film does miss a wide open goal in Kate McKinnon’s manger… erm…manager who, towards the end almost seems to be some sort of villain who looks at our lead and just sees a licence to print money, where it would have been cooler if she remembered as well and was the devil on his shoulder, tempting him with money and fame if he would just keep his mouth shut and sing except she’s never used in that way.
Also, she’s not very funny in this either.
Look, I don’t want to give the impression that I’m down on Yesterday because it doesn’t really do anything wrong. It moved along at a decent clip, it’s actors are solid and it is a feel good film, woth a few scens that made me laugh and others that made me chuckle, but it’s just that with a few rewrites what’s good could have been better, make manager into a seductive menace, develop the characters a bit after cutting maybe one or two of them, play some of the songs and this could have been up there with Groundhog Day instead it’s sort of there.
Also, why is it all the good films this summer are based off of songs that came out 15 years (or so) before I was born? Seriously Hollywood, get it together before you have to make a film about The Eagles.
And everyone hates The Eagles.
My Score- See It.