Are YA Films Dead?

I was surprised to read that Star Wars star Daisy Ridley has signed up to star in an adaption of the YA trilogy “Chaos Walking”, primarily because I didn’t think she would have time time and also because I thought the whole Young Adult trend was dead. Either through the death of a thousand cuts, a curse that seems to have been placed on the genre or the fact that they just aren’t making any money any more.


With the success of The Hunger Games trilogy, Hollywood thought that it had stumbled across a non-superhero licence to print money. Like comic-book films they came with their own built in fan-base and as they tend to be set in dystopian future, they tend not to be that expensive to make.

But I think we can all agree that The Hunger Games was a bit of a damp squib. With a hell of a lot of build up to not much of a pay off, still, I’m sure the inevitable prequels and sequels will make it righteous again.

And then came wave after wave of imitator.

Divergent was such an underwhelming series both critically and commercially that its final part is probably going to be released as a TV movie! And most likely without Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller.

Then you get to the probably cursed Maze Runner series. Not only have they been pretty thin on takings but the main actor Dylan O’Brien was almost killed in an on set accident resulting the film being pushed back by almost a year and being relegated into the wastelands of a January release date.

And I’m sure that there’s some god-awful mutilation of vampires that I’m repressing for good reason.

Hell, even The Giver a film based off of the 1993 book that arguably created the genre barely ticked over into profitability.

Oh, and don’t hold your breath for the The Fifth Wave sequel either.

But, to be honest, I can see why this genre appears to be on the ropes. For a start, every single story is the same (I know, I know, there’s only 7 stories but even so…) oppressive regime or adult figures that don’t understand, seemingly average teenager that turns out to be the special snowflake that’s destined to save the world, a usually platonic love triangle, final defeat of the villain, rinse and repeat.

And not only are people getting tired of it, but there’s the age old argument that the books are always better, and that people are staying away because Actor X isn’t my Character Y!

To my mind though, I think that it’s just over-saturation of a market which is fickle at the best of times, and whilst I wish ms. Ridley all the luck in the world, I think shes chosen to star in a film that’s chasing after a bandwagon that left town last week and isn’t coming back any time soon.


The Divergent Series: Allegiant Review


Credited cast:
Shailene Woodley Shailene Woodley
Theo James Theo James
Zoë Kravitz Zoë Kravitz
Naomi Watts Naomi Watts
Miles Teller Miles Teller
Maggie Q Maggie Q
Ansel Elgort Ansel Elgort
Jeff Daniels Jeff Daniels

Plot- After the earth-shattering revelations of Insurgent, Tris must escape with Four beyond the wall that encircles Chicago to finally discover the shocking truth of what lies behind it.

Review- A quick tip to any directors out there, if the effects in your mid-budget 2016 released film look inferior to those of 1982 classic Tron- then please redo them because that’s the kind of thing that can take an audience of out of a film.

Also, if your idea of showing that people are being observed via some incredibly invasive and yet completely undetectable camera network is to fill the screen with blinking squares that give the audience a headache then please head back to the drawing board.

Anything else?

Please ensure that the audience feels that something was accomplished during the film. Now, I know that this is going to be difficult in something that is basically The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials with a few tweaks here and there but please try. This film feels like one massive exposition dump with a few ‘action’ sequences stuffed in here and there to wake the audience up.

Oh, if you are going to have a character who basically does nothing but spout confusing and uninteresting exposition then might I recommend Dan Akroyd instead of a (visibly bored) Jeff Daniels? Oh, and actually putting people with some form of chemistry/interest in their lines/world that they are supposed to be inhabiting in the lead roles might help.

Finally, if your franchise is as forgettable as this, please don’t have the finale full of mind-wiping gas, the jokes just sort of write themselves.

I write more, but i

My Score- Poor 



allegiant  (əˈliːdʒənt) 



  1. a person who displays constancy, duty, and faithfulness, esp to a ruling body


  1. having or displaying constancy, duty, and faithfulness, esp to a ruling body   ⇒ I shouldn’t be surprised that our elected officials want to indoctrinate the next flock of voters to be even more blindly allegiant.