Captain America: Civil War Review

You know Marvel- there’s being good at something and then there’s just plain showing off. But if this is your apology for Avengers: Age of CGI AND managing to break Joss Wheedon then I accept it completely. Just don’t let it happen again.

This isn’t a good film, this isn’t a great film- according to IMDB it’s the 80th greatest film of all time and I think it’s the second best blockbuster I’ve ever seen after Mad Max Fury Road. 

Which puts me in something of a quandary- I’m a critic. I’m meant to criticize but the only criticism I can level is that the characters seem to survive things that should turn them into jam  and that the locations are announced with words that take up the whole screen rather than being placed in one of the bottom corners. That’s it! Even I can’t get that petty.

Hell, Marvel even seems to have realized that they can’t create a decent villain and have gotten around that by not really bothering with one. There’s a ‘make the plot move’ guy but I wouldn’t call him a villain.

The action is intense and fast paced. The directors (who also brought us  Captain America:Winter Soldier) have kept the CGI to a minimum and brought actual physical stunts to a maximum.

The film flows logically and builds to an incredibly inventive fight scene at an airport where every characters deploys their abilities to the maximum. Oh and did I mention unlike some other films I could mention this one juggles it’s huge cast effectively and doesn’t desperately throw new characters at us in a desperate bid to keep us involved?

Its a deeper plot than the other Marvel films showing that the Freedom Versus Security isn’t going anywhere and probably never will. And that neither side is completely in the right or wrong.

Enough gushing. You and I both know where this is going.

My Score- See It Now!



Civil War Trailer Reaction

So the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War has dropped and to be honest I’m not entirely sure that I care.

My Facebook, Twitter and Snap-chat are all full of people eagerly planning when they can buy tickets and offering up their first born for a sneak preview and I find myself… lukewarm on the whole thing.

I’m still going to see it on opening night (I am a film critic after all) and even if I wasn’t I would still see it, wouldn’t I?

I think part of the reason is that I know that none of the characters are really in any danger. I know that it’s going to end with them all being alive for brand/contract reasons.  So  now we have a film without suspense.

I also know that it’s going to be filmed against a green screen and feature a small countries economy worth of special effects. So now we have a film with without suspense that looks like a video game cut scene.

Not to mention that it’s going to be hinting at/ setting up/ working alongside other Marvel properties (Agents of Shield, Infinity Wars, Doctor Strange etc.) So now we have a film without suspense, that looks like a video game cut scene and is not only telling its own story but starting/ finishing/ evolving others. Nothings going to be resolved permanently just paused for the time being.

It’s also just one of the 847 (roughly) superhero/ graphic novel films in development. Which means it’s going competing in a saturated market, offering pretty much the same as every other big film out next year. So now we have a….. Do you see what i’m getting at here?

And finally, most importantly, the @~@! thing isn’t due out until May the 6. Which is 6 months away. Which means every time I go to the cinema for the next six months I’m going to see it or another trailer for it until I can see it every time I close my eyes. ( Star Wars and Spectre have acted similarly.) Surely you could wait until February?

I’m sure that Jeremy Jahns, Chris Stuckman, The Flick Pick and other reviewers have uploaded videos/blogs of the teaser trailer declaring it to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I hope you understand if I don’t.