Shut In Review

Shut In should have been a great film. It’s central character, child psychologist Mary Portman (Played by Naomia Watts) is an isolated woman, grieving for the loss of her husband and caring for her son who is unresponsive. Completely exhausted and suffering from night terrors she is considering moving him into a care home. Added to this psychological battle between parental responsibilities versus the limits of human endurance, one of her young patients goes missing after a session.

So you have all the elements there for an intimate character drama. Throw in a potential romance with… erm… man#1 and you could pretty much bottle the awards buzz.

Except some idiot decided not to make a clever, intimate, character driven drama. They decided to make a thriller instead. So once the groundwork is laid we get one of the most predictable jump scares I’ve ever seen and it all goes downhill from there. You’ll spot the ‘BIG PLOT TWIST’ about 15 minutes before it actually happens and enter dreamland about ten seconds after that.

Mercifully it’s not a long film. I mean it makes claims to a run-time of 91 minutes and for that it is going to hell for lying. By my watch it lasted 1 hour 24 minutes and 57 seconds. And that’s me being merciful and not removing time for the studio logos at the start of the film!

Watts is good in her role even as the film degrades around her. Everyone else just seems to be embarrassed that their here or trying to chew the scenery and failing miserably. There’s no tension, no thrills, no shocks or spills. Just the sad feeling that there could have been a film here with some buzz but instead is just a waste to time effort and money that can’t even find worth as a cult classic.

Skip it.

My Score- Poor 


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