John Wick 2 Review


At 3:37am this morning I finally worked out what this film reminded me of.

You see, first I thought it was reminding me of Kung-Fu Hustle a really good Kung-Fu Comedy where the central joke was that EVERYONE was a kung fu master, much like how in this film pretty much everyone is an assassin.

But that wasn’t it.

Then, I figured it was Commando, as in someone who thought they were out being pulled back in a dealing with betrayal and an inexhaustible amount of villains who consider aiming to be the height of impoliteness but it wasn’t that wither.

So I went to sleep racking my brains and woke up with the answer and a death glare from my better half.

This is the film that Taken 2 was supposed to be!

I mean think about, both films were based off of sleeper hits that featured stars not really known for out and out action roles, both featured a larger budget that aimed to build upon a complex and subtle mythology built up in the first film.

There is one relatively minor, barely noticeable difference between the two though. Where Taken 2 is a neutered, poorly shot borderline unwatchable mess, John Wick: Chapter 2 is awesome.

It’s the best kind of sequel, the kind that looks at the original, takes the bits that work and builds on the complex yet subtle lore of this world. Best of all, they’ve taken the larger budget and decided that the best thing to sped it on is more and larger action sequences where the jump cut is unheard of and not only is it possible to see whats happening at all times, but there’s practically no CGI used in any way shape or form. Just lots and lots of lovely wonderful practical effects.

It’s a film where the soundtrack is a perfectly chosen assault on the senses which is great in it’s own right, but also because… erm… well, lets just say that the dialogue is not exactly for the ages. I’ll be charitable and says it’s ‘functional.’

And that’s pretty much all there is to say about John Wick: Chapter Two is pretty much second verse, same as the first except bigger, louder and better.

My Score- See It 


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