Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review

Rogue One is a sequel to the prequel of the sequels of the prequels that are the originals, in which this is a prequel of, but not a sequel to the sequel of the originals. Everybody got that?

Good, because I wont be saying it again.

So how to review a film that’s already in IMDB’s top 250 and has one of the largest opening weekends of all time, meaning statistically you’ve already seen it – without doing a spoiler review?

By nitpicking!

Lets start with Lord Vader, who makes a small but fairly awesome cameo in the third act. His costume to me looked like the type you’d by from a high end costume store than from a film with a higher budget than some countries. It was distracting.

Also, this is the first Star Wars film not to have it’s music scored by the legendary John Williams (appreantely the 84 year old fancied a little break) which to my mind is to the films detriment. It just seems slightly lackluster and in dire need of a bit of oomph. I mean, this is a franchise with some of the most legendary music of all time and they don’t use it to full effect.

And the film needs to calm down a little with it’s introduction of characters and planets because even though they’ve started putting the planets names on the screen so we know where they are, the film feels slightly scatterbrained and could do with some slight streamlining.

Oh, do I need to mention that who I think is supposed to be the films main villain is about as scary as my curtains? No? Moving on.



You got me.

This film is fantastic.

It’s the first Star Wars film that makes you feel the might and the power of the Empire and the seeming insignificance of the rebellion it. And the battles feel urgent and powerful. I mean the storm-troopers still seem about as threatening as a chocolate digestive to a nice cup of tea individually, but just in sheer weight of numbers are nearly unstoppable.

And the cast is uniformly amazing. From Felicity Jones star making turn as Jyn Erso, to Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera, Wash from Firefly as K-2SO, Mads Mikkelson as the man forced to build the Death Star and even Peter Cushing who died in 1994 manages to make one last amazing performance. I mean the characters are all under-developed and I have no idea what 99% of them were called, but in acting terms? Gold stars all around.

For crying out loud, even two characters that may as well have introduced themselves as ‘Not’Daredevil and The Punisher turn out to be funny, effective end deep. Hell, I want them to have their own spin off.

But, and I have to state this, this film is much less the clean cut goodies V baddies of the traditional franchise leaning more towards Saving Private Star Wars or Rogue One Down. Make no mistake this is most defiantly a war film and some scenes might be a little too much for younger viewers.

Still, for being the ‘Star Wars film that everybody worried was going to be a flop’ Rogue One is absolutely fantastic. I mean, there are little niggles- Wash’s robot screams a little too much of ‘Insert comic relief here’ but no real deal-breakers, and compared to what belched onto the screen this summer?

It’s amazing.

In special effects, in plot, in people trying to make a good film, in actors trying to do the best that they can, in the director trying to atone for  2014’s Godzilla and in showing that you can can a single paragraph and make something great out of it.

My Score- See It Now 


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