Kubo And The Two Strings Review

I am aware that this is the time of year when zombie films shuffle into cinemas in time for Halloween. However, traditionally this has meant films with zombies in and not genres that I had thought were long dead and buried.

Case in point- Kubo And The Two Strings, a title which seriously started to grate on me as soon as I realized that  the main characters instrument has three strings! Why couldn’t they just change that one little word? Little things like that could seriously annoy a man.

And I’m not too convinced by the casting of Matthew McConaughey as a samurai that’s been turned into a scarab and lost all his memories. For a film set in ancient Japan, his accent stands out and not entirely for the right reasons.  But the rest of this film is damn neear flawless.

Forget Zootopia this is the film that’s going to win best animated at the Oscars next year. Now the less you know about the plot going in, the better. All you’re getting out of me is that a young man has to go on a quest to acquire some magic armor in a bid to defeat an evil spirit.

Oh… and did I mention that this film is stop-motion? Actual honest to God stop-motion. And not only is it the longest stop-motion film ever (beating previous record holder Coraline by one whole minute) and not only does it feature the largest stop motion puppet ever – a skeleton which stands a massive sixteen feet tall! It took over five years to make! Five years! In that time Dreamworks could belch out and then ruin an entire franchise in that time! One single scene set on a boat took over 19 months to shoot.

And it was worth every single second because the film looks magnificent with almost very frame being a portrait. Every character developed and needed , with the film at times funny, charming, spellbinding, exciting and sad. I loved it from the opening seconds and cannot recommend it highly enough.

My Score- See It Now


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