Who Will Be The Next James Bond?

So the shortlist for the next James Bond has been released and it’s…. interesting to say the least.

For some unknown reason Tom Hardy is nowhere to be seen event though he’s perfect for the role in my eyes. (Well, after me of course.)  And the remainder of the shortlist is as follows with my opinions.

In no particular order

Tom Hiddleston- Better known as Loki from the Avengers, Hiddleston can certainly handle the pressure of being in a major franchise but being so tied to another major character might hurt him. That and the fact that I have no idea how he would win any fight except by crying at the villains until they let him win out of pity.

Idris Elba- An actor from South London, Elba has had a solid career in the UK where he appeared in police TV show Luthor and has appeared in films such as Pacific Rim and Bastielle Day I have no doubt that he would be good in the role, as he’s previously handled himself well in fight scenes and can defiantly act but at 43 he’s the oldest actor in contention (although a comparable actor Robert Downey-Junior is in his 50’s.)

Luke Evans- For those of you scratching your head, he was Shaw in Fast and Furious 6, he was also Vlad in Dracula Untold and is playing Gaston in the upcoming remake of Beauty and the Beast. He’s got a pretty solid body of work but has never been the lead actor in anything other than Dracula. That and his lack of name recognition relegates him to outsider status for me.

Michael Fassbender- Is an amazing actor who would look amazing in the tuxedo. However, he’s highly in demand with an incredibly busy few years coming up. Not only is he producing and starring in Assassins Creed but there’s also Prometheus 2 and an adaptation of Jo Nesbo’s The Snowman to list but a few. He might simply be too busy to be Bond.

Charlie Hunnam- Since leaving the BBC soap Eastenders Hunnam has worked fairly solidly but he’s probably best known for his turns in Sons Of Anarchy and for taking the lead role in Pacific Rim back in 2013. However, i’d best describe him as functional. Whilst I don’t think he’s ever disgraced himself he’s never really stood out either. Solid but bland would be the best way to describe him. I’m not sure.

Jaimie Bell- Since appearing in Billy Elliot Bell has worked pretty solidly and barring occasional missteps like Fan4stic and 2008’s Jumper he’s very good at what he does. But I don’t feel he has the charisma to take on the role and he’s never really done a fight scene so that may hurt him as well.

Aiden Turner- Best known for appearing in the TV show Poldark where his chief ability is his inability to keep his shirt on Turner does give good performances but the fact that he’s virtually unknown outside of the UK will defiantly count against him.

And that’s the shortlist. Now at time of writing (01/09/2016) nobody has come forward to state that they have approached and this list is by no means definitive which means that there might still be a chance for Hardy.

But who do you guys think should be Bond?


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