Bad Moms Review

So I had half a mind to go and see this with my mother in a bid to make up for the horrific abomination before man and God that was Mothers Day. Fifteen minutes in, I figured that probably wasn’t going to happen.

Which is a shame, because this is an infinitely  better film with an amazing moral about how mothers in today’s society are held to impossible and ever shifting standards whilst Dads seem to get a free pass. And that children are let stressed and over-worked instead of being able to be kids and make mistakes.

And it was funny. Actually laugh out loud funny. I’ll admit, I was semi-dragged to this by my better half but I laughed at least once a minute (although not as much as the galumphing oaf infesting the seat next to me). Although, I must note that the humor starts off crude and never really advances past that stage.  And special note must go to Kathryn Hahn who was playing some sort of drunken, horny, insane amazon who managed to effortlessly steals the show from Mila Kunis in the same way that a tornado steals the living room from your perfectly adequate house.

The pots nothing to write home about though. After one really bad bay, Amy Mitchell snaps and decides to start living her life her way, this clashes with the perfect mom that runs the PTA/Stasi at the local school, clashes ensue, lessons are learned…

But if the movie doesn’t really seem to care about its plot then why should I? It does get a bit preachy, with pretty much the same speech being made two or three times throughout the movie but it’s a solid moral so i’ll let it pass.

Now there was something else bugging me…

Hang on, I’ll check my very professional notes…

Oh, that’s right… I didn’t believe in any of the characters for a single, solitary second. To call them one-note is generous. One joke is much more like it. In three seconds you know everything that you are ever going to know about the characters and the jokes that they are going to make. One character was so stupid that she made Chris Hemsworths lump from Ghostbusters look smart, another I was half expecting to carted off by the men in white coats half way through.

But, apparently this is a world without consequences so what do I know?

This is a good, solid fun film that I was glad to watch and laugh along to. Not perfect, but a film with heart, charm and a good solid moral.

My Score- See It 



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