Nerve Review

Nerve feels like a satire that’s about 5 minutes too late because what its warning about has already happened.

The idea is simple- upon signing up to Nerve you can either become a watcher or a player. Watchers dare players to do ‘dares’ players do them and the more watchers you have the more money you can win. Normally mousy Vee (played by Emma Roberts who i’ll be keeping an eye on) signs up pretty much on a whim and initially enjoys the game as the dares start small and harmless before things spiral out of control….

I really liked this film, even though its horrifically over-edited and at times resembles a ninety minute music video full of neon lights and with a kick-ass soundtrack(synthesizers are back!!! The 80’s live again!!!!!) . But at times this works to the films detriment as not only dos it make it hard to focus but I also found the highlight to be the one scene where the film slows down and a player who is terrified of heights is forced  to walk between two buildings on an unsecured ladder. Its easily the tensest part of the film and probably the only part i’m going to remember in a fortnight. But the film seems almost pathologically afraid of slowing down for a single second or allowing more than the slightest shred of character development (Why does one of the main cast look like he’s escaped from Mad Max?)

It’s just a shame that this film which shows the perils of risking everything for your fifteens seconds of insta-fame is a dangerous chimera comes out after Periscope, Vine, Instagram… Released a few years ago, this film about people risking their lives whilst strangers watch and gamble with their lives might have seemed a nightmarish view of some sort of voluntary 1984, as is? It seems almost quaint. And do I even need to mention that the ending is a complete wash out and turns what had been an effective thriller in which you cant fight your way to victory because there’s no-one to fight into a bit of a damp squib? No? Moving on then.

I left the auditorium with my heart pounding having seriously enjoyed this film but I do feel that the target audience are going to take it at face value and not realize the intended message.

Nerve is a high paced blast of a film that when it gets going really does grab you by the lapels and never lets go. If thy had tweaked the ending then this could have been a much more effective and chilling expeirence. As is?

My Score- If Nothing Else



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