Suicide Squad Review

To say Suicide Squad has had some issues would be a massive understatement. The script was allegedly written in six weeks (apparently after box-setting the entire Resident Evil film series.) It was then subject to massive re-shoots after the criticism leveled at Batman V Superman Dawn Of Migraines.

And then you get to the cast, after Tom hardy bailed to do The Revenant, you were left with the star of the rebooted Robocop, the star from After Earth, Jai !@”!! Courtney, a former model, a former soap star and erm… others. Although not Miles Teller for some reason.

And owing to DC decree 04027 both Batman and The Joker turn up. Bat’s get 5 seconds of screen time, Joker slightly more but you could have removed both from the film completely and it would have made minimal difference.

But, to answer the big question- Is this film better than Dawn Of Migraines? Yes

And the extended edition.

But that’s mostly because it’s trying to be it’s own film with some hints towards setting up other films instead of trying to set up 15 others AND be it’s own thing and it does that by keeping it’s plot really, really simple.

A truly generic villain with a henchman straight out of Gods Of Egypt is planning to take over ze vorld! By the use of… a giant floating portal in the sky. Because of course it is. Feeling that it has no other options the Government sends in six villains on a suicide mission to destroy the portal, kill the villain and try to save an entire cinematic universe.

And all I wanted this film to do was copy classic war film The Dirty Dozen, swap Nazis for CGI monsters and blackmailed US soldiers and your pretty much there. And they couldn’t.

For a start, as the biggest stars, both Smith ad Robbie get the most screen time, and that’s fine apart from the fact that it makes the rest of the squad feel shoe-horned in. Hell, Katana and Captain Boomerang could have been removed completely and no-body would have noticed.

Most of the battles are CGI based and not really very exciting as 99% of the villains army are basically zombies and seem to pose very little threat to the team. The fight choreography sucked as well.

And whilst I didn’t read a lot of DC growing up (I’m a solid 2000ad man) I was always pretty sure that the Suicide Squad didn’t go everywhere backed up by a hell of a lot of people with guns… because, well, if ordinary people with the power of guns can defeat this threat then is the squad even needed?

Also I found the film rather conventional. A depressing number of the squad seem to have hearts of gold and for a city that been overrun by hive minded zombies, the squad seems to have a lot of time to just chill.

And did I mention that you can really tell where the re-shoots took place? Because whilst the film was released in the UK with a 15 rating, it really didn’t feel like a 15, it felt like a 12a with a few re-shoots designed to bump the rating up. But even then, I didn’t see anything  that I haven’t seen in any other 12 a.

Naturally, it’s shot in the DC style of doom, gloom and I found very little humor but that’s what i’m coming to expect from this universe.

Make it more anarchic, give the squad a threatening villain and throw in some jokes and you could have a much better film. As it is, this film has been banned in China for all time and I cant really see that their missing out on much. Not when they could be watch the much better 2014 Assault on Arkham or even The Dirty Dozen. 

Maybe the inevitable unrated cut on DVD will be better but until then?

My Score- If Nothing Else


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