Fried Rotten Tomatoes

In this time of climate change, the greatest refugee crisis since WW2  and rising global inequality, it’s easy to forget who really, truly, is  the victim in today’s society…

Movies that cost half a billion dollars to make and advertise.

Wait, what!?!?!

Oh, I see this weeks CAUSE OF ALL THE EVIL IN THE WORLD EVER is… Rotten Tomatoes!

You know, that website that collects accredited critics views and generates an average score whilst distinguishing between critics and the general public? Yeah, that one.

And what horrific crime has this horrific abomination of a website committed?

It does’t really seem to like DC films.

At time of writing (04/08/2016) RT critics scores have Batman v Superman sitting at 27%, Suicide Squad at 32%, and Man of Steel at 55%. Whereas the general public have  Batman v Superman 65%, and Man of Steel at 75%. Suicide Squad hasn’t yet opened up fan voting.

And I would just like to point out that Warner Brothers (which releases the DC films) owned the Rotten Tomatoes Website from 2011 until February this year! And although it’s now owned by Comcast, WB still has a minority stake in the website. So if anything, Rotten Tomatoes has an incentive to go soft on the DC verse! (Not us critics though, especially plankton like me who are way too small to bribe one way or the other)

I’ll let the (really rather poorly spelled) petition speak for itself.

We need this site to be shut down because It’s Critics always give The DC Extended Universe movies unjust Bad Reviews, Like

1- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016

2- Suicide Squad 2016

and that Affects people’s opinion even if it’s a really great movies

Now i’m not saying that RT is perfect. It really isn’t. In the words of  the New York Film Critics Circle,  chairman Armond White who cited Rotten Tomatoes in particular and film review aggregators in general, as examples of how “the Internet takes revenge on individual expression.” He said they work by “dumping reviewers onto one website and assigning spurious percentage-enthusiasm points to the discrete reviews.” According to White, such websites “offer consensus as a substitute for assessment.”

But maybe, just maybe, if a review site that works via the average of review scores has such a  low opinion of these films, maybe, just maybe, their just not very good? After all, Suicide Squad was allegedly written in six weeks, underwent massive re-shoots after Deadpool and stars Jai !@!~£! Courtney.

As for affecting peoples opinions, do we really? 99.9% of the time I doubt I’ve stopped anyone from seeing films. And opinions do change over time. Looking back at certain films I’ve reviewed, I’ve seen my score change sometimes drastically over time and, although I will always stand by my opinions as being how I felt in that moment, I sometimes do have regret giving a movie or TV show a certain score.

And never forget, Reviews are our opinions. Noting more. Like restaurant or wine or even art critics  if you like something and I don’t (or vice-versa) please remember neither of our opinions is more valid than the other.

And well all have movies that we love that we know aren’t really that good, or think that certain classics are over-rated but recently, instead of being willing to engage in debate and attempting to change each others minds, people just scream that the other is WRONG.

Wrong of course meaning “different from mine” I mean just look at all the controversy over the utterly average and forgettable Ghostbusters film that came out this summer.

So no, don’t close down Rotten Tomatoes, have your own opinion, think your own thoughts and for Gods sake don’t waste your time defending a film that’s probably going to gross more than some countries!


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