Jason Bourne Review

For arguably one of the most influential franchises of the 2000’s, and despite my huge love for spy films and practical effects, Jason Bourne has never left me anything more than lukewarm.

Maybe its the fact that I’ve never been able to tell what the hell is going on- to me all Paul Greengrass films are incredibly over edited and seem to filmed by someone who’s permanently slightly drunk  and hasn’t quite worked out how the focus button works yet.

Or it could be the fact that the entire franchise is based around ‘revolutionary fight scenes’ that James Bond was doing back in From Russia With Love  in  1963! Except that cameraman was sober and knew how his camera worked.

No, I think my main issue with Bourne (aside from the fact i’m not sure how many there are -is it 4 or 5? Does The Bourne Legacy exist at this point?) Is that the franchise reminds me not so much of a spy version of 24 or even an American Bond, it’s that it always seems like a rip off of The Incredible Hulk TV show from the 70’s/90’s.

Hear me out. Both feature a man who is relentlessly pursued by people with seemingly unlimited resources, is forced to remain constantly on the move, is pretty much indestructible in combat and inevitably leaves a trail of destruction is his wake.

Oh, and each film is as formulaic as a TV show as well. Let’s not  forget that.

Anyway, Bourne is dragged back into the world of mumbling people sitting in offices mumbling at each other when the CIA twigs that he’s still alive and decide to kill him because… erm…  what else are you going to do with a seemingly limitless supply of super assassins?

This weeks villain is Tommy Lee Jones (making his once a year ‘I’m not dead yet!’ cameo) as well as future Tomb Raider and star of that robot movie that you didn’t see but tell everyone you did Alicia Vikander. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to decide whether to kill Bourne or bring him in though and therefore settling for bumping off each others staff and generally acting about as threatening as my running socks.

There is an impressive amount of action, although some of the chase scenes  could do with some serious trimming and the final chase seems have wandered in from the Fast and Furious franchise when Greengrass realized how much of the budget he had left.

There’s some sort of plot thread about a tech platform being used to spy on us which I think is meant to be some sort of jab at Apple but it never really comes to much and seems to be being kept for the inevitable sequel that the film is overly determined to set up when all it did was remind me of the plot to Terminator: Genysis. 

Does anyone else miss when a film was a contained story and not a trailer for the next one in the franchise?

In short?

Its a Jason Bourne film, seen one, seen them all.

My Score- If Nothing Else


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