Ghostbusters Review


To say that the new Ghsotbusters film has had a rough ride would be a complete understatement.

Not only is it a reboot of one of the most beloved films of all time, it’s suffered from the most disliked trainer in the history of YouTube, one of the worst soundtrack songs I think I’ve ever heard and rumors of studio interference that hasn’t been seen since ‘Fan4stic’ and ‘Pixels.’

And now its here, and having seen it I can conclusively state that  the worst thing to bear the ‘Ghostbusters’ name is…still the 1975 version with the monkey. This? It’s OK. Nothing special.

The plots pretty much a carbon copy of it’s infinitely superior predecessor, but this one does have some pretty funny lines and genuinely scary moments in it’s first half before it realizes that it’s 144 million dollar budget won’t spend itself and it devolves into yet another bunch of actors waving props around with the directer clearly saying I’ll make it look cool later.

I did like this film, and it does have some pretty cool ideas. But for every idea and moment that works there’s three that don’t. No film (not even a James Bond film) needs three weapons montages.

And the editing is slightly off as well. The film feels like it’s slightly too long (the original cut was allegedly 4 hours long) and as a result it feels like some scenes are missing, making the film feel unfinished somehow. Also, scenes have a tendency to run about 20 seconds too long and some feel like they either needed to be re-shot or removed completely.

The Ghostbusters themselves are fine, although it seems that McCarthy is perfectly happy to play the exact same character in every single film and certainly isn’t going to be trying anything new in this one. The rest are pretty one note, with the cast neither distinguishing nor humiliating themselves. Although for my money Hemsworth was the only one that was having any fun as a receptionist with an IQ lower than his desk.

The special effects are good, although a running joke involving a main character continually getting oozed needed to be removed and burned.

This film could have been better, but it could have so much worse. As it is?

My Score- If Nothing Else


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