Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Review

I was never really into the TV show when it was on during the early 90’s. As far as I could work out it was about two drunk women and a child that desperately needed to be taken into care as quickly as possible.

But it did run for six seasons and several ‘adults’ I know claim to find it funny so what do I know?

And then finally in 2016, after almost 20 years of trying, Absolutely Fabulous   was brought to the big screen ‘for the proper send off it deserves’ and …

It’s Absolutely Awful darling.

Let me clear from the off that this isn’t really my type of film. Myself, much life the other 3 men (out of an audience numbering nearly 30) came out looking dazed, confused and wondering what exactly we had just witnessed.

Even the target audience didn’t seem to like it. Deathly silence with the occasional chuckle was all that occurred in my screening. The ‘plot’ of the two main characters seemingly killing Kate Moss and then fleeing to the south of France seemed to vanish about two thirds of the way in. Most of this ‘film’ seemed to be about stuffing as many names from the world of fashion and British bottom feeders who had an afternoon free into its bulging, pulsating mass as possible- irrespective of whether they helped the plot at all. And yes, i’m including the frankly inexplicably popular Rebel Wilson as well.

The film seemed to be being made up as it went along, with several characters (read, all of them) who I would have happily thrown in the Thames myself.

Was it meant to be a satire on the world of fashion? Then it had no teeth.

Two old women who don’t care about social norms aging disgracefully? Then why did it feel so tame?

Putting two BBC films in my bottom ten this year is going to make some Daily Mail reader very happy but I don’t care.

This.. thing is a waste of time, effort money and resources. It was a comedy that didn’t make me laugh. A send of that felt out of time somehow. A TV episode that had gotten lost and found its way onto the silver screen. In short?

My Score-Fire


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