Now You See Me 2 Review

Did I miss something?

Now You See Me was a perfectly acceptable film to pass away a few hours but I didn’t think it was worth a sequel, and with a 49% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 50/100 on metacritic clearly everyone else had the same feelings.


Hang on….

It made 351.7 million dollars on a budget of…. 75 million.

Makes sense.

Now, where was I?

Picking up a year after the first film, we find our four horsemen (plus a new female horse man- Isla Fischer being unavailable due to pregnancy.) being tasked to steal a mcguffin which will end the worlds privacy! (And is the same plot as Charlies Angels: Full Throttle). And the evil megalomaniac behind this plot? None other than… Daniel Radcliffe! Really?

And he’s as miscast as he sounds. Unless the film-makers were going for some kind of mate-joke whereupon the villain in a magic film is Harry Potter (and nowhere do they display the level of intelligence required to lend credibility to this theory.) then i’m going to assume thy just grabbed the first British actor that was walking past set that day. You couldn’t get the guy who played Ramsay Bolton in GOT?

And it has other issues as well. Not least the fact that Woody Harellson is pulling double duty as one of the horsemen and a villain by virtue of the never has worked and never will work  trick of playing twins. With the aid of a bad wig, appallingly fake teeth and worse fake tan.

Then you get to the pacing, and by necessity its all stop start. Every time the horseman do or are subject to something that looks impossible, then they have to stop the film for two minutes to explain how it was done. With the fact that most of them involve some rather poor CGI instead of the practical effects that should have been used, making the explanations very flimsy at times.

It runs for twenty minutes too long and can be insufferably pleased with itself at times but it’s always nice to see Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine onscreen and it passed a few hours harmlessly enough.

My Score- If Nothing Else 


One thought on “Now You See Me 2 Review

  1. Totally agree that Daniel Radcliffe felt miscast; you are the first person I’ve seen that mentioned it. I enjoyed the movie far more than you did, but I enjoyed reading your review! –Louisa


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