The Secret Life Of Pets Review

Trying to review this film is like trying to do an artistic critique of a printer test page. It’s there, it’s functional and if made to watch it again I would have no real objection.

The animation is fine, the voice acting is fine, I laughed a few times,  (although for a cast made up of comedians, I was expecting it to be funnier) the moral is fine if bland and I liked the little minion short that came before it.

The plot is basically a mash up of the first two Toy Story films but didn’t really do anything to annoy or intrigue me. It’s 91 minute running time passed by fairly harmlessly were it not for the fact that at least ten minutes was pointless filler and it had the most random ‘dream’ sequence since the one in Dumbo although it was nowhere near as terrifying.

What else can I say?

It was a competently made animated film. I saw it, I liked it, I wont think about it again.

My Score- If Nothing Else 


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