Top Cat Begins: Review

Given that the previous Top Cat film (released in 2011- avoid at all costs) was made in Flash animation, I guess that this film has graphics that look like a shoddily made PlayStation 1 game is to be considered progress?

Whatever, just because the animation is horrifically unconvincing and the vast majority of characters are just… well.. horrific doesn’t mean that the film itself is going to be awful? A big budget does not an amazing film make.

Nor does the fact that the film is only 80 minutes long- with ten minutes of credits to ensure that it reaches the minimum length required to be screened in cinemas. The Land Before Time is only 69 minutes long and that film is awesome.

I’m not even going to hold the fact that it can’t decide what era it’s in- one minute the music is singing Megan Trainer and the next it’s telling me that ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend.’ After all, you have to introduce the ankle-biters to decent music somehow.

I’m not even going to get annoyed at the constant toilet humor and worn out jokes at cross-dressing because in the films defense its…




Without a single redeeming feature.

The main character is basically a sociopath. It’ts incredibly dark for a children’s  film with constant mentions of death and implications of torture. The plot feels stretched and padded with sequences seemingly thrown in simply to pad the films pathetically short running time.

The animation is some of the worst I’ve ever seen, it never convinces of life and barely convinces that the characters are actually speaking.

There may be worse animated films out this year than this… thing

But I doubt it.

My Score- Fire 


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