The Nice Guys Review

About half way through this film, I turned to my girlfriend and whispered to her “I think I love this movie” and received an enthusiastic two thumbs back.

Because if this is how Shane Black atones for Iron Man 3, then give that man Infinty War immediately because this film is incredible.

Knight whoever decided to put Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling together because they have an amazing chemistry together as two private investigators who team up to find a missing girl and accidentally uncover a massive conspiracy.

Picture Chinatown as a buddy-cop movie and you’re pretty much there.

I swear, I laughed more at this film than I have at some actual comedies that have been released this year.

The dialogue sounds like Tarantino on a good day, the soundtrack like they asked John Carpenter what he thought should be done. Hell they even found a great child actor! (Angourie Rice- keep an eye on her.)

True, the plot looks like a bowl of spaghetti and I have no idea what exactly was going on (porn saves the day… somehow.) I guess I’ll just have to see it again.

But most importantly, this film is… well, cool. Not in the manufactured sense, or that it’s trying to be cool. It’s cool in the same sense as Samuel L. Jackson or Steve McQueen, effortless, calm, collected, like it knows exactly what it is and where its going and that’s something that’s far too rare in life as well as in the movies.

Fast paced, funny and violent but with heart charm and buckets of effortless cool, this might just be my film of the summer.

My Score- See It Now


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