A Hologram For The King Review


Cast overview, first billed only:
Tom Hanks Tom Hanks
Alexander Black Alexander Black
Sarita Choudhury Sarita Choudhury


A man who’s right in the middle of a mid-life crisis is sent to Saudi Arabia to pitch a new technology to the King. As film premises go, I’ve heard and seen worse.

Add in the fact that it stars Tom Hanks and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this could be good. A bit of fish out of water comedy, a bit about finding yourself and an exploration of a country that doesn’t really appear on screen. (It doesn’t here either- it was filmed in Egypt, Morocco and Germany of all places.)

It probably shouldn’t remind me of Waiting For Godot.

Nor should it bore me almost to tears.

Adapted from a novel that I haven’t read, this film starts of flirting with flights of fantasy and then discards them. What little plot there is, you can work out in the first twenty minutes. Most of the jokes don’t work and the cast all look like they wish they were somewhere else.

Tom Hanks completely fails to convince as a man who’s like has fallen apart. In a role that screamed out for a man who looks like their only just hanging on by their fingertips he’s just too composed and calm.

There is the gem of a good idea here, but for once this is a film that needed to be longer, to allow us to truly explore this characters background and his descent into his mid-life crisis.

As is? Is a dull, boring slog that no-body looks like their enjoying.

My Score- Poor



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