Florence Foster Jenkins Review

If this film got any lighter it would float away entirely.

Based on a true story (It has to be- no-one could make this up) Florence Foster Jenkins tells the tale of a New York Socialite who decides to become a singer despite being completely unburdened by the slightest whiff of talent. Aided and abetted by her husband (Hugh Grant, playing… well… Hugh Grant) and piano player Cosme Mcmoon (Simon Helberg playing the only character that seems aware of the planet Earth.)

I enjoyed this film. I laughed at the funny moments and was affected by the sadder moments, but at the same time I felt slightly uneasy. Was I laughing with the film or at this lady who clearly had a huge heart but seemed to have limited real world experience? (None of this bothered the person sitting behind me who howled through the entire thing)

Thee film coasts by on charm and it’s a fun, uplifting story of the type that never seems to happen any more. Florence is treated with respect, but never really fleshed out, nor is the unusual arrangement she has with Hugh Grant. That she seems to have access to unlimited funds did nothing more than make me begin to wonder if I was watching some sort of demented fairy tale.

I also feel that this should have been made 20 years ago as I feel that the people who would remember and appreciate this story being brought to life have sadly passed on.

But I mustn’t over analyze, it’s a lovely piece of puff pastry that I’ve enjoyed and after trying to work out if it’s made me slightly sick I’ll never really think of it again.

My Score- If Nothing Else 



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