About The Ghostbusters Trailer Hatred

The new Ghostbusters movie trailer has become the most disliked video in the history of YouTube.

And, given that roughly 300 hours of content is loaded a minute onto YouTube that’s seriously impressive.

Now, I have no doubt that sexism has played a part in this ‘achievement.’ Much as I have no doubt that the fact that it’s a remake of a classic 80’s film hasn’t helped it. And completing this trinity is that… well…

It just didn’t look like a very good film.

I try and steer clear of reviewing trailers, I find that they don’t generate much material unless your a super fan and I don’t have that level of attachment to any non James Bond franchise. However I feel that someone should try and explain why this has happened.

And to put this in some sort of perspective- Fantastic Four received 20,175 dislikes, Adam Sandlers mess The Ridiculous Six a mere 5803. And yet somehow Ghostbusters has received over half a million dislikes from 29 million views. (Note- all of these figures are correct as of 02/05/16)  That’s seriously impressive.

Personally I took an immediate disliking to the trailer. It started by looking exactly like the original, it seemed confused as to whether it was a reboot, re-imagining or continuation. The characters seemed one note and cliche, the jokes weren’t funny, the CGI seemed uninspired and it seemed to be a very low energy film.

I didn’t care for it is what i’m trying to say.

Now, I wan’t to make this clear that I would have the same opinion were the cast all male, trans, Kangaroo or  Gerbil.

The worst thing is that this might be a good film. Spy also suffered from a mediocre trailer and Miranda Hart but it was still a surprisingly good fun film. However, because spy was a mid-budget comedy that people were only vaguely aware of it was able to get good box-office on the strength of amazing reviews. To pull off a similar trick Ghostbusters is going to need the best reviews ever in the history of the world.

I’m still going to see and review the film, and to be honest I doubt that it will be the worst thing I see all summer. (Hello Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of The Shadows) but i’m still confused as to why it exists and to be perfectly honest so does the film.

And maybe that’s the worst thing.



5 thoughts on “About The Ghostbusters Trailer Hatred

  1. I think if Bill Murray was up for it and Ramis was alive I think it would be made with the original cast. I think all the years of talk have increased the anticipation of the old team coming together. Anyone not part of the originals would be met with disappointment.


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