Is House of Cards Out Of Date?

I’m nearing the end of this season of House of Cards (review pending) and whilst i’m still enjoying it, it just seems a bit… tired.

I loved the first series, the way it felt like a Shakespearean tragedy with a heavy handing of black humor, it’s constant fourth-wall breaks and all round amazing acting.

And it still has all of those things, except it lost a lot of its humor and the the fourth-wall isn’t broken nearly enough for my tastes. Also, it’s beginning to feel increasingly staged and theatrical, with immaculately dressed people in bland, anonymous rooms making speeches, backstabbing, wheeling and dealing is nothing we haven’t seen them do before.

And also, in the age of Donald Trump politics, it seems, well, old fashioned. People making deals, treating each other with some degree of respect, no penis measuring contests! It feels like Downton Abbey trying it’s hand at politics.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an amazing show, with more ingenuity and style than over 99% of other offerings, but it feels like a one trick pony that keeps being asked to do it again but slightly different.

Allegedly, there are plans to make over another 10 series of this show, which I do hope is someone letting their ideas run away with them. Especially as each series allegedly costs 100 million dollars to make. (How? I have no idea. Maybe they need to keep replacing all the sets that Kevin Spacey keeps chewing through)

What do you guy think?


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