Grimsby Review


Credited cast:
Isla Fisher Isla Fisher
Penélope Cruz Penélope Cruz
Sacha Baron Cohen Sacha Baron Cohen
Rebel Wilson Rebel Wilson
Annabelle Wallis Annabelle Wallis
Mark Strong Mark Strong
Scott Adkins Scott Adkins
Ian McShane Ian McShane
Tamsin Egerton Tamsin Egerton

Plot– A new assignment forces a top spy to team up with his football hooligan brother.

Review- Lurking deep beneath the knob jokes and poor slapstick, awful writing and general wretchedness of Grimsby is an incredible short film about two brothers learning about love, loss and the sacrifices that life requires of us all.

But enough about the flashbacks, (no seriously, someone on YouTube edit the flashbacks together and win ALL the praise/awards) and lets get on with this 83 minute(!!?!?) ‘film’.

Baren Cohen (who produces, stars and wrote the damn thing) star alongside Mark Strong (who deserves much better than this) to stop Penelope Cruz (who needs to fire her agent) from wiping out a billion people. (Since it was in the trailer, this isn’t really a spoiler.)

The idea of a Bond parody where one of the characters is an idiot certainly isn’t new and the below-the-belt jokes certainly don’t feel as fresh after they’ve all been signposted and dragged out for slightly too long whilst also being incredibly lazy and repetitive – most of my audience sat there in stony silence, apart from one very vocal member who inevitably was seated right next to me, and even she was more shocked than laughing.

And did I mention that even at 83 minutes this thing feels stretched and padded? I mean I wasn’t exactly expecting a classic but was asking for it to feel more than the result of drunkenly making some notes on the back of a napkin too much to ask?

The tone varies completely as well. Going from these  amazing flashbacks, to a family reunion film and THEN adding in a Bond parody which was in and of itself really badly shot, edited and paced then you wind up with Grimsby 

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to make a large donation to the WWF.

My Score- Poor 


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