Why Can’t I Watch Gods of Egypt?

Gods of Egypt was released in the rest of the world on February 26 will be released in the UK on…. You know, I actually have no idea.

No, seriously, according to all the promotional material Gods of Egypt was supposed to be unleashed on a (mostly ignorant) public the exact same date as the rest of the world, thus forcing me to prepare to review 2 Gerard Butler films in 2 weeks.

Except it hasn’t been released to any of the major cinema chains here in the UK (ODEON, Cineworld and VUE have no screenings of this film on their websites) So how am I meant to check it out? I mean the last time we got a film featuring the Gods of ancient Egypt, we got The Mummy films which I really enjoy watching. And if its a mess, so much the better.

All IMDB has to say is ‘2016’ which does me no good. (And for those of you thinking ‘just download it’ I want you to sit in a corner and think about how your destroying the film industry) Besides, a film like this deserves to be endured in its (inevitable) 3d on the biggest screen I can find.

Come on Hollywood its not like the UK is one of the biggest film markets in the world or anything! Surely we deserve this more than the Philippines!

Fine, you know what. Keep your stupid flop that only made back 10% of its budget on its opening weekend. I’m waiting for Divergent when I get to watch Miles Teeller ‘acting’ again.


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