The Forest Review


Cast overview, first billed only:
Natalie Dormer Natalie Dormer
Eoin Macken Eoin Macken
Stephanie Vogt Stephanie Vogt

Review- If you go down to the woods today make sure you take a pillow….

Not to hide behind you understand, it’s for the nap that you’ll inevitably be taking during this 93 minute “supernatural horror” film. Because… well…




I mean I did jump at a few really obvious jump scares in the first third but after that it was more a case of ticking off my horror cliches checklist

Twins with psychic link? Check

Locals terrified of a something that is dismissed by the outsider who then regrets it? Check

Goes silly in the third act? Check

Natalie Dormer does what she can with her dual roles but we know so little about either of her characters that it’s hard to care about her or any of the other characters that we meet. Dormer does try to put on a good performance but she’s given so little to work with that there’s very little she can do.

Pacing is another major issue. There’s too much time spent wandering around in the daytime and trying to establish the rules of the forest so that by the time it started getting interesting in the last 20/30 minutes I was just about ready to turn the damn thing into a parking lot.

There’s an idea for something really scary here, a young woman goes to a foreign culture to find her sister and she starts to lose her grip on reality as her inner demons are let lose thousands of miles from home and help.

But this? It’s by the numbers, slow, stretched even at 93 minutes, with forgettable cardboard characters, not scary and when it does show an occasional flash of an idea its too little, too late.

My Score- POOR


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