What a day, what a lovely day!!!!!!!

Sorry, I’ll calm down in a second. It’s just so rare to get such wonderful film news.


If you’ve not seen Pacific Rim….. why not? It’s one the greatest monster movies ever made. Think Power Rangers if it had a budget.

I loved the film from the second it started playing and was saddened beyond belief when I heard that it had been put on hold for Pitch Perfect 3:Pitch Hard With A Vengeance  but now it’s alive again!

Well, sort of.

It’s got a director.

Spartacus creator Steven S. DeKnight will take the helm of the sequel. (No, I’ve never hard of him either.Although he apparently was responsible for Starz’s hit series Spartacus, not to mention he also served as EP on Marvel’s Daredevil.) And as long as del Toro remains involved it’m sure that it will be almost as good as that unique gem of wonder that I still watch on a regular basis.

So, it’s got a script, a starring role for  Maisie Williams of Doctor Who/Game of Thrones fame and all we need now is a production start date.

Any time now Hollywood….


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