Freeheld Review


Cast overview, first billed only:
Julianne Moore Julianne Moore
Ellen Page Ellen Page
Michael Shannon Michael Shannon
Steve Carell Steve Carell
Luke Grimes Luke Grimes
Todd Belkin
Gabriel Luna Gabriel Luna
Anthony DeSando Anthony DeSando
Toohey (as Anthony De Sando)


Where is the hype for this film?

Where is the awards buzz?

Where is the LGBT community embracing it as a film showing a landmark movement in the race towards equality?

Where is a cinema actually screening the damn thing?

No, Seriously. It took me forever to rack this down (I still can’t believe I had to actually pay for a ticket.) But when I did I was really glad that I did.

In 2005,  police officer Laurel Hester (played flawlessly by Julianne Moore- atoning for Seventh Son) was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Whilst trying to get her death benefits assigned to her partner she runs into a problem. As her partner is a woman (Ellen Paige who still looks about 12), her request is denied. And so a battle that really shouldn’t have to have been fought is about to begin.

On the side of right is a slightly cartoonish Steve Carell as an LGBT activist and her police officer partner Michael Shannon who has some of the films best lines about the absurdity of the situation “Hell! If you and I got married tomorrow, *I’d* be entitled to your benefits.”

The main reason that I adored this film (and was attacked by an onion cutting ninja towards the end) was that I believed completely in the love story that was being presented here. That the characters (with the slight exception of Steve Carell) behaved like human beings.

I loved this film even if at times at does seem a little bit made for TV (which you can attribute to the meager 7 million dollar budget) and have no hesitation in rating it

My Score- SEE IT NOW 


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