Point Break Review


Cast overview, first billed only:
Edgar Ramirez Edgar Ramirez
Bodhi (as Édgar Ramírez)
Luke Bracey Luke Bracey
Ray Winstone Ray Winstone
Teresa Palmer Teresa Palmer
Matias Varela Matias Varela
Clemens Schick Clemens Schick

Plot- A young FBI agent infiltrates an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of masterminding a string of unprecedented, sophisticated corporate heists.

Review- Did you ever pop into one of those ‘surf’ clothes shops? The ones that sell T-shirts, ripped jeans and shoes for about £20 more than you think they should cost?

You know how on the walls they have TV’s showing people surfing, snowboarding and risking their neck in a variety of insane ways followed up by a slogan reading something like ‘better a bad day at the waves than a good day at the office’?

Stretch that to 113 minutes, give it a budget of 105 million dollars and voila! Point Break!

I’m not joking. This film has 10 minutes of amazing stunt-work (done by press-ganging some of the most ‘extreme’ athletes in the world) with minimal green screen followed by 20 minutes of “You must chose your own path” “But what is my path?” “Only you can know that” Rinse and repeat.

The characters are bland, uninteresting and completely interchangeable. The plot dashes around the world but it visits so many locations that none of them have a chance to sink in, these incredible stunts barely have time to register and who exactly thought it would be good idea to have Ray Winstone play an FBI agent?

Don’t get me wrong, the stunts look amazing, and viewed on an IMAX screen are truly awe inspiring. But stunts alone do not a great film make. Especially when I can see similar videos whilst buying a new T-Shirt.

My Score- If Nothing Else 


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