Is The Finest Hours Lost At Sea?

At least I had some idea that The Good Dinosaur was coming out.

Which, sadly, is more than I can say for The Finest Hours. 

Starring Chris Pine, The Finest Hours looks to be a perfectly serviceable true life story about the US Coast Guard rescuing sailors during an absolutely horrific storm. (The trailer seems to show that the 70-80 million dollar budget doesn’t seem to have stretched to good CGI but i’ll leave that for the review.)

However, until my local Cineworld (still atoning for the Hateful Eight debacle) emailed me telling me that there was an unlimited screening of The Finest Hours I had no idea it was coming out in the UK. Not one radio ad, internet pop up, TV advert or even the side of a bus had informed me that this was coming ashore. Hell, when I got to my local cinema they had just about sold a third of the tickets.

Still, just because the advertising budget appears to have gone walkabout, and its being released in a virtual dead-zone, it doesn’t mean that the films rubbish does it?

Wouldn’t know.

Didn’t see it.

There was an issue with the screen which meant that the screening was delayed and would have finished after the last tube.

So, now thoroughly annoyed and intrigued I massaged my golden rule and tried to see if it was available online anywhere.

It wasn’t.

Not even a ‘filmed on someones I-phone in the auditorium’ version.

I even took to Twitter to offer a free (imaginary) coconut to anybody that had seen any evidence that this film exists and that I wasn’t going mad.

Despite several re-tweets, no-body has claimed their prize.

Am I mad? Does this film even exist? And, more to this point, with this level of market penetration is it even worth me reviewing it?


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