The Big Short Review


Cast overview, first billed only:
Ryan Gosling Ryan Gosling
Rudy Eisenzopf Rudy Eisenzopf
Casey Groves Casey Groves
Charlie Talbert Charlie Talbert
Harold Gervais Harold Gervais
Maria Frangos Maria Frangos
Exotic Dancer
Christian Bale Christian Bale


Review Do you remember the financial crash of 2008 that sent the world into a recession that it’s only now beginning to emerge from?

Gotten angry about it recently?

Want to?

Even if you just want to understand what the hell happened, then this film is the film for you.

I know that none of you saw Inside Job- that Oscar Winning Matt Damon narrated documentary that explains all of this in infinite more detail, but that film didn’t have Margot Robbie explaining complex financial transactions whilst drinking champagne in a bubble bath did it? Or Selena Gomez in a little black dress. It makes the complex seem simple.

And it’s backed up by amazing performance after amazing performance. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Steve Carrell is a comedic actor as he and every other actor in this film are completely brilliant (Even Ryan Gosling who I can sometimes find unbearably smug).

Thee film follows three groups of people who dare to say that the emperor has no clothes and are prepared to lay money on that fact which the rest of the  world regards as lunacy bordering on insanity. It never forgets to show the human angle, one of my favorite moments is two characters who are told to stop celebrating the fact that they will make more money than God if millions of people lose their homes, jobs and pensions.

It’s the scariest film ever, but brilliantly funny, insightful and maddening. And it shows how nothing has or probably will change.  If I had a rating beyond my highest than I would use it but seeing as I don’t

My Score- See It NOW


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