The Revenant Review


Cast overview, first billed only:
Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Hardy Tom Hardy
Domhnall Gleeson Domhnall Gleeson
Will Poulter Will Poulter
Forrest Goodluck Forrest Goodluck
Paul Anderson Paul Anderson

Plot- A frontiersman on a fur trading expedition in the 1820’s fights for survival after being mauled by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team.

Review- This is the film that’s going to win all the Oscars? This?

Maybe I missed something. I mean every other critic seems to have seen a masterpiece of breathtaking epic and wonder with spellbinding performances that’s finally going to get Leo his Oscar.

Me? I saw a beautifully shot, naturally lit, glacially slow,  CGI free nature documentary in which anything that appeared on screen either died and got eaten or just died and in which several very good actors competed to see who could play the best swivel eyed lunatic who can only talk when they have a sock in their mouth. (Hardy by a country mile)

Seriously, maybe my hearings worse than I thought but I could barely understand a single word that anyone was saying (thank Zeus that quite a lot of the film is either wordless or subtitled.)

I had no idea of any of the names of the characters, or their motivations and could barely tell them apart except for the fact the Leo helpfully spends most of the film clutching a stick.

I’m not saying the film is bad. This is the guy who gave us Birdman after all and the story behind the shoot shows that he’s a lunatic in the vein of Herzog or Kubrick, it is amazingly well shot, it does have an amazing soundtrack. And it’s clear that a lot of time and effort and traumatized actors and crew has gone into this but I feel its been wasted because at no point did I connect with any of them. I think Hardy at one point mumbled something about God being a squirrel (No, I wasn’t drunk). But that’s about it for characterization.

Staggeringly beautiful to look at but as cold as the weather it was filmed in, The Revenant is…

My Score- If Nothing Else


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