Cineworld and The Hateful Eight

January is a wretched month for films.

I know, its a wretched month in general. But for films its the worst month of the year, as they seem to fall purely into two categories. The “My God what were you thinking” category (Fifty Shades of Black, Bad Grandpa etc.) and “Oscar Bait” (Room, The Big Short, The Danish Girl) So a Tarantino film full of violence and snappy dialogue  should be a breath of fresh air.

At least it would be if I could see the damn thing.

Let me explain.

Cineworld- a cinema chain that operates 123 cinemas has decided not to screen this highly anticipated film in the corporate equivalent of a small child throwing its toys out of its pram.

No, seriously, it’s the tiniest thing imaginable and its going  to cost Cineworld millions and has inconvenienced movie goers up and down the country (myself included)

The reason is thus: London’s Leicester Square has several cinemas, (average ticket price £15-20) including Cineworld, ODEON and Vue  (major chains here in the UK) ODEON had acquired exclusive rights to show The Hateful Eight in said square in a “70mm Ultra Panavision presentation” – a format not used for almost 50 years.

And owing to this issue in a singular cinema Cineworld has dropped the film completely. Annoying god knows how many film lovers in the process  who will either see it elsewhere or simply download it.

Here’s hoping this isn’t the start of a trend.



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