Cinemas at Christmas?

I spent most of this Christmas in a food/alcohol come trying to follow the Doctor Who Christmas Special when I could only hear about 10% of the dialogue. The closest I got to a film was the adverts during Downton Abbey (It was either that or Quantom of Solice….) 

And yet, a few miles from where I was located, my local cinema as open for business. And i’m not sure how I feel about it.

It wasn’t that unsuccessful either. They managed to sell 3000 tickets where on Christmas Eve and Boxing day they sold roughly 5000 tickets. So for the money men safe at home it was a success, and probably something that they will do again and in a large number of cinemas.

Should I be surprised? The UK is becoming more multi-cultural and I have no issue with cinemas being open on Easter, Diwali, Eid or Bank Holidays.  It’s not illegal to open on Christmas Day, it’s a cultural thing. SO why do I feel uncomfortable?

Again, I feel it’s more a cultural thing. Christmas is the one time of year I see most of my family (and then remember why I only see them once a year) It’s also the one time of year that people who work in retail can spend time with their families without having to pray to the shift Gods/ take leave.

Because that’s where this is going. 15 years and it will be normal for shops/cinemas/ gyms to be open on Christmas Day.

I accept it. I understand that as the UK becomes less Christian, it’s holidays will slowly hold less cultural significance and that’s sad. I want to spend my Christmas in the food coma watching the Queens Speech and  Doctor Who. 

And if your waiting me to file a review on Christmas day? Keep waiting.


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