Star Wars The Force Awakens Review


Cast overview, first billed only:
Harrison Ford Harrison Ford
Mark Hamill Mark Hamill
Carrie Fisher Carrie Fisher
Adam Driver Adam Driver
Daisy Ridley Daisy Ridley
John Boyega John Boyega
Oscar Isaac Oscar Isaac
Lupita Nyong'o Lupita Nyong’o
Andy Serkis Andy Serkis

Plot Three decades after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, a new threat arises. The First Order attempts to rule the galaxy and only a rag-tag group of heroes can stop them, along with the help of the Resistance.

Review- I spent the entire film grinning like a 9 year old boy (According to my better half.)

From the opening seconds where the music swells and we see a Star Destroyer all your fears evaporate and you just know that this is going to be amazing.

And it was, with the pacing, dialogue, characters, sound design, editing and plot all almost perfect. This isn’t just the best Star Wars film, its arguably the best space film of all time.

JJ Abrams has done the only sensible thing he could with George Lucas- banished him entirely. Lucas has neither a directing, writing or producing credit. (I like to imagine him in a closet surrounded by unsold Howard The Duck and Jar-Jar Merchandise.)

Now, that the two main characters (Rey and Finn) are played by people with very little in their past (Daisy Ridley has only done bit parts on British TV with neither a Wikipedia or IMDB page to her name before this film and John Boyega’s big claim to fame was Attack the Block) may have raised a few eyebrows but Fisher, Hamill and Ford were all in a similar boat when the original came out and in any case Ridley is an A lister in the making and Boyega is very solid.

Sadly though, here we also find the films weakest link. The villain portrayed by Adam Driver (of Girls fame) is arguably slightly more threatening than a wet tea towel but not by much. His character is doing pretty well up until the half way point and then….. my tea towel defiantly gains the upper hand.

But in every other respect this film is flawless. (Although I did miss the Imperial March from the soundtrack.) Every battle feelS gritty and more realistic, you care about the characters, the stunts are thrilling with CGI kept to a minimum and the use of models making everything seem huge!

Even more amazingly, this is the first film since Dredd where the 3-d is more than an excuse to whack up the ticket prices- it’s damn near essential.

Aside from the villain this is a perfect film and a welcome return to “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….



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