I Got Jessica Jones Wrong

I’m man enough to admit when I got something wrong.

And upon further reflection…. I seriously messed up my Jessica Jones series review.

Normally, after hitting ‘publish’ I forget about whatever I’ve just written and move on with my life. But something about that review niggled me. (I have similar reservations about The Lobster) And so I started to think, and then something happened.

I began to see and hear  friends of mine who had gone through rough times praise the series as something that showed that they could survive, that life would be hard but that they could get through it. I began to read about domestic abuse victims who regarded the series as something wonderful.

And then all the little niggles come together in one thought that made me feel like an idiot.

I had behaved like a child.

Of course Jessica Jones wasn’t going to end in a huge firefight as David Tennant attempts to take over the world, it’s something smaller, more intimate.

Its about damaged people come together to fight someone who is pretty much the epitome of evil. A man with arguably the most terrifying power I could imagine. Tennant doesn’t control minds, the real person is still in there, screaming, awake and conscious as their body refuses to so much as twitch an eyelash at it’s owners command.

It’s examining how subtle and mis-understood domestic violence can be (Jessica spends most of her time trying to convince people that Tennant is real.) And its using a super-hero lens in order to do it. And in an age in which the UK government is closing domestic refuge shelters through cuts, this is the perfect time to bring the issue back into the spotlight and what better way to bring it into the mainstream than in a Marvel branded show?

Even looking again, there is nothing but excellent performance after excellent performance. Almost flawless and amazing writing in episode after episode.

I still don’t regard it as perfect. There are still too many characters and plot-lines which scream ‘I’m going to be a spin-off/important next season.’ But this is amazing television and I can only apologize to the fact that i’m human and as such I get things wrong sometimes.

I heartily recommend this series to all and realize that perhaps I’ve been too lucky in my own life to realize what this show represents.

Finally, I just want to say…. May the spirit of Xmas bring peace and love between all the people of the world.



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