What Happened to The Good Dinosaur?

A Pixar film is about to bomb.

Since that’s a sentence I never thought I’d type (Up there with “If Sandler doesn’t win the Oscar then he’s been robbed!” ) I’m going to type it again.

A Pixar movie is about to bomb.

And no, it’s not  a Cars film.

The Good Dinosaur a film that cost 200 million dollars and took 6 years to make, has – at time of writing grossed less than 135 million dollars worldwide. (Note: in order for this film to break even it needs to take 500 million)

From the off, the signs were that The Good Dinosaur was in trouble. I flatter myself to be relatively in tune with what films are about to come out and to be honest, even I was barely aware of the film. The marketing budget appeared to be £8.37, meaning that none of my family or friends (when asked) even knew that there was a Pixar film coming out. (Note: apparently the marketing budget was 150 million dollars. I have absolutely  no idea where any of it went.)

But in this modern age a poor marketing campaign can be overcome via word-of-mouth, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. And this film did get some pretty solid write ups currently sitting at 76% on Rotten Tomatoes  (Not from me, I rated it as POOR) But after a year in which Pixar reminded us of what it can do with the sublime Inside Out and coming after a slew of tolerable animated films such as Minions and Hotel Transylvania 2 this film just didn’t stand out. It wasn’t very inventive, it wasn’t well scripted, and it was very scary for its target audience of ankle biters.

Now I have no doubt that this film will eventually come good and make a profit. With DVD’s, television, merchandising and the like very few films stay flops for long. Also, this film has only been released in 59% of the possible worldwide market, although there are doubts about whether or not it will get a release in China which is the worlds second largest market.

Apparently the hope now is that this film will endure until mid Deecember making back its money in a marathon and not a sprint before the new Alvin and the Chipmunks film kills it off completely.

Finally, every studio releases a flop every now and then, and with a success rate of 15/16 Pixar isn’t really in any danger. Or is it?




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