Victor Frankenstein Review


Cast overview, first billed only:
Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe
Jessica Brown Findlay Jessica Brown Findlay
Bronson Webb Bronson Webb
James McAvoy James McAvoy
Daniel Mays Daniel Mays

Review- That the character of Igor doesn’t actually exist in the original novel by Mary Shelly is the least of this films problems.

That is has pretty much the same plot as Steven Sommers Van Helsing (Haunted hero attempts to stop Victor Frankenstein and his monster from being used to take over the world) is slightly higher up the list.

Is perhaps this films biggest problem that Daniel Radcliffe spends so much time looking embarrassed and hiding behind his (frankly awful) hair extensions that he forgets to act?

Surely its that the soundtrack is turned up to 11 never allowing us a quiet moment to reflect or get to know our protagonists?

Oh, I know…. It’s that just by first glance that you can tell a persons entire ark! Religious police officer, paper thin viallain, “love” interest. Bored, clearly slumming Game Of Thrones actor?

Ok then, it must be that James McAvoy is attempting to chew through the scenery in a desperate (and ultimately futile) bid to escape back to making good/ X-men films? I mean when the script requires you to open a scene with the line “Jars full of babies” you had to have known something wasn’t quite right.

Nope, this films main is issue is that it was boring. Dull. Un-interesting. Completely devoid of a unique thought or moment in it’s head. By the time its trying to convince you that Frankenstein isn’t just some lunatic on a “sugar” rush mentally your celebrating the fact that you only have to endure another ten minutes.

It’s alive! screams Victor.

Not for long Say the Film Critic.

It does have some jolly nice sets though.

My Score- Poor 



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