Krampus Review


Credited cast:
Adam Scott Adam Scott
Toni Collette Toni Collette
David Koechner David Koechner
Allison Tolman Allison Tolman
Conchata Ferrell Conchata Ferrell
Aunt Dorothy
Emjay Anthony Emjay Anthony
Stefania LaVie Owen Stefania LaVie Owen
Krista Stadler Krista Stadler

Review-It’s Zulu with Darth Santa.

Read this, like and subscribe then run, don’t walk to the cinema and see this film.

Krampus is a pretty simple film. A child accidentally summons an ancient demonic force (It happens) and then his family has to attempt to survive the onslaught of Krampus and all his really cool practical effect driven minions.

That’s it. That’s the film, but my god does it work.

From the slow motion opening detailing how consumerism has taken over Christmas to the amazing little animated short in the middle and even the fact that the characters acted like people! That they didn’t become action stars churning out one liners- they stayed a scared family unit.

Although,  I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t counting the seconds until a few of them went the way of the man eating jack-in-the-box.

And the fact that this is a low-budget siege film means that all the effects are practical, including Krampus himself who looks (from little we see of him) absolutely awesome!

Is this film some deep think piece on the human condition? No.

Did it give me any memorable quotes for the future? No.

Will I be buying it on DVD and watching it on Christmas Eve every year from now until the end of time? Hell. Yes.

It’s the new Gremlins

My Score- See. It. Now!


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