Batman V Superman Trailer Review


Just wow.

I am seriously impressed with this trailers efficiency.

Think about it!

In just 3 minutes, we have seen the entirety of Batman V Superman: Rise of Sequels.

We saw the beginning where Clark and Bruce circle each other (And whisper it, this featured what us humans might actually call a “joke”) We saw the reveal of Jessie Eisenberg playing…. Well, Jessie Eisenburg, all the way through to the big reveal of his ultimate weapon (I think it’s supposed to be Doomsday but that’s only because I have no idea who else it could be.)

Oh and all my complaints from my Civil War Trailer Review still stand and are demonstrated in this film. Not to mention that this entire film has been filmed at night and through a sepia filter meaning that I had very little idea of what was happening.

This trailer shows too much, and in showing too much its taken away what could have been a big wow moment in the film. Also, the trailer will have done little to sway people who weren’t excited into being excited and vice versa.



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