Jessica Jones Series Review

After Daredevil it’s pretty fair to say that expectations for this series were pretty high. Even as I write this, IMDB considers it the 94th greatest TV show ever. (Band of Brothers is number one if your interested.)

And yet, I wasn’t that impressed with it.

It’s a very good TV show, don’t get me wrong. Well shot, acted, I liked the way it felt like a film noir (with genre appropriate soundtrack). But towards the end there was a definite sense of “Lets finish this” More than “I can’t wait to see what happens!”

Part of it, was that there were way too many characters to keep track off, some of which could happily have been disposed of or removed with no effect to the story. Also, David Tennant is criminally underused as  Killgrave/The Purple Man a mind controlling villain who has no real ultimate evil plan and at times seems more like a petulant child than a legitimate threat.

Yes, the Marvel “Curse Of The Useless Villain” strikes again. Killgrave doesn’t seem to really have a plan beyond “Act like a jerk” and whilst that’s fine in small doses,after thirteen episodes it does start to grate. A secondary villain or even a threat that only lasted for one episode would have been welcome.

The tone is unrelentingly bleak, almost every character (save Tennant who is clearly having a blast) ends up depressed, compromised, or dead. There’s no light relief character like Foggy in Daredevil and I feel that that was a missed trick.

The actions scenes are well shot but all too brief, however, as Jessica and her allies possess super strength and are only ever up against normal humans then there is little tension or excitement in them.

I must commend the series for its depiction of PTSD, as well at demonstrating the way that Killgraves victims react to having their minds and bodies violated at the whim of a maniac.

But overall, the series seems small, the stakes low and there’s no sense of things coming to a head in the final few episodes.

I did find it slightly confusing mid-season when the show turns into a grotesque parody of a ’50’s sitcom which to me smelt like padding .

Whilst still a high quality series, I feel this represents a slight dip in Netflix’s usual high quality output.

My Score- See It


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