Whats the point of reviewing Star Wars?

We film critics did a lot of good this year, and in commemoration of that lets give ourselves a pat on the back.

Seriously! I mean it! Vodka Martinis all around!

I mean we told people about the awesome that was Mad Max: Fury Road  and now there’s going to be a sequel.

We took down Terminator Genysis AND Fantastic 4 AND Pan to such an extent that these franchises are now probably headed for that great cinema in the sky.

But, before we get too proud of ourselves, let me ask a question. A question that we don’t like to ask.

What about those films where our reviews don’t matter?

Everyone in the UK has seen Spectre 27 times (conservatively) and that would have happened even if every critic had given it their worst review (I gave it my equivalent of a 4* rating) Despite it being completely a shallow, mediocre CGI filled mess with no memorable characters Jurrasic World is the third highest grossing film of all time. (I gave it 3*)

And then there’s the big one.

The monster.

The film that has already made hundreds of millions in pre-release ticket sales alone.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It doesn’t matter how quickly we, or Twitter, or Facebook get the word out. It doesn’t matter if every single person that sees it in the first week screams from the rooftops that it makes The Phantom Menace look like Citizen Cane  its still going to make more money than God.

So, do we ignore it? Stick to reviewing films that people are lukewarm on and can be persuaded?

Hell no.

We get our tickets, see the film, write/film/telegraph our reviews. We let the world know the truth. And when they ignore us we get to say “told you so.”


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