Should VHS make a comeback?

I recently attempted to introduce my better half to the original Star Wars trilogy via the wonders of a VHS box-set (long story, don’t ask.) And, as I did so I began to feel nostalgic for the days of the video cassette.

The weight of it, the satisfying clunk noise it made as the video player decided whether or not is was going to work today, the anticipation of where exactly in the film it was going to stop and how long it would have to be rewound for. It was all a much more satisfying experience that getting the DVD out of its case, placing it in the drawer and the disk going back to the beginning like it always did. This VHS experience was unique to me.

And Vinyls are coming back into fashion now! Hipsters have decided that they love the crackle that comes from the record as apposed to the sterile sound of a CD and I assume there are some DJ’s out there still using records as opposed to music playlists.

And so, with popcorn at the ready we settled down adownloadnd pressed play.

And…. it was awful.

The picture quality was grainy, the sound kept dropping in and out and it kept freezing up every two seconds! After five minutes I was yearning for the picture and sound quality of the DVD.

We gave up after 35 minutes and wound up watching JFK instead.

And what did I learn? That some things belong in the past.

The very distant, never to actually be experienced in the real world ever under any circumstances past.


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