Godzilla vs. King Kong Isn’t going to work.

I love old monster movies. The original King Kong is one of my favorite films, and I will never stop loving the work of Ray Harryhausen, nor will I ever stop loving Godzilla, despite Hollywood’s best efforts. So when I heard that the two most legendary monsters were going to square off Aliens Vs. Predator style, I rushed to my laptop and immediately started trying to book my tickets right?




wrong wrong wrong

Did I say wrong?

This film isn’t going to work. I’m still going to see it, but I just can’t see it being any good.

And here are my reasons why.

It’s not set in the Pacific Rim universe.

It won’t be about the monsters. Going back to Alien Vs Predator, you see that the creatures actually feature very little in the film, most of the time is spent setting up human characters/red-shirts that we didn’t care about and it’ll be the same here. Even in his own movie, Godzilla was on screen very little and that’s because CGI is expensive, doubly so with Kong.

It’s not going to be a fair fight-Godzilla is the size of a skyscraper with atomic breath and regeneration abilities, King Kong is about a third to a half of the size and covered in flammable hair. And yes, i’m well aware that Kong won the last time they faced off, but that was in a cheap and cheerful 70’s film. In a film like this? Where Godzillas height is already established? Either Kong is going in for an upgrade or this will be the shortest fight in history.

It’s going to look like a video game– This is more of a general gripe than about this film, but not matter how good CGI gets, it’s never going to look real and after a while the eye does start to tire. Look at the finale of the Avengers, hundreds of millions of dollars spent on CGI and it still looks poor. Unless the fight is short, its gonig to wear out its welcome very quickly.

No-one is going to win- Again, I am aware that Kong kill Godzilla in a previous film, but now? In a franchise that is going to need to take billions in order to be worth anyone’s time? It’s like in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film, no-one is going to win, it will be fought to a draw, or one will appear to die and at the end of the credits they will take a breath or vanish from where their body fell.

Where is the demand for this film? Godzilla barely scraped in a profit, and I can’t see Skull Island doing much better. Whilst the world is vaguely aware of these characters, and they have rabid fan-bases are they large enough to sustain a series that’s going to need 5-10 years to run it’s course? AVP made money because it was cheap to make (60 Million) this is going to cost hundreds of millions.

Dracula Untold– For those of you that don’t know, Dracula Untold was supposed to reboot the classic Universal Studios Monsters Universe (The Wolfman, The Mummy, Frankenstein etc.) It didn’t do so well and now that franchise is on hold. And the budget for that? 70 million, a fraction of Skull Island, Godzilla 2 and Kong vs. Godzilla. The signs don’t look good. But what do you guys think? Will this work? Or is it doomed to failure?


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