Hollywood and the Curse of Mars

No film that has featured Mars has ever been anything but a huge financial bomb.

Indeed, some of the biggest box office bombs of all time have featured the Red Planet.

It’s called the curse of Mars.

(N.B. I’m not including the original Total Recall on this list for obvious reasons)

And not all of them are horrifically awful films that would fail no matter where they are set (Mars Needs Moms take a bow) nor are they all blockbusters that suffer from really bad marketing (John Carter.) Hell, even legendary director John Carpenter (Escape From New York, The Thing, They Live, Halloween)  getting Jason Statham to fight vampire ghosts on a planet full of lesbians wasn’t enough to lift the curse. And the list goes on with Mars Attacks, The Martian Child, Doom and Red Planet all flopping.

And that doesn’t bode well for The Martian which is directer Ridley Scotts attempt to lift the curse. Adapted from a worldwide bestseller, the film follows Matt Damons character as he attempts to survive on Mars after being accidentally stranded during a storm.

It looks amazing and following the success of Interstellar last year, the studios clearly have a huge amount of faith, but i’m not so sure. The plot seems very similar to Red Planet and Matt Damon played a very similar character in Interstellar. But I’ll wait until I actually see the film in order to make a judgement.

In the meantime…. Beware the ides of Mars!


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