We Are Your Friends Review

We Are Your Friends (2015) Poster


Cast overview, first billed only:
Zac Efron Zac Efron
Wes Bentley Wes Bentley
Emily Ratajkowski Emily Ratajkowski
Jonny Weston Jonny Weston
Shiloh Fernandez Shiloh Fernandez
Alex Shaffer Alex Shaffer

REVIEW Give me a second

Sorry, I know I should be reviewing We are Your Friends but a) i’m not entirely sure its a film and b) I have no idea what actually happened. Oh, and its also given me a strong desire to become a DJ and enjoy drink, drugs, random sex as these apparently have no negative consequences. I think. I’m not sure. The films not particularly clear on that point.

I do know one thing. Emily Ratajkowski is hotter than any mortal woman has any right to be. She’s not bad as this acting thing either. I think. My critical abilities appear to be on the fritz at the moment..

Perhaps i’m not looking at this correctly. Maybe instead of treating this like a film that’s appallingly shot, acted, edited, paced with an inconstant tone, predictable plot and morality with ‘characters’ I couldn’t give stuff about. Perhaps I should treat this as a training video for future DJ’s.

That makes more sense, after all, great lengths are taken to explain how DJ’s have the ability to take control of peoples bodies to make them dance (not creepy at all…) and teaches you step by step how to create this effect in people. It’s shot like a music video as well so this makes sense. It preaches that you need one sound, one track that you create, that you can make your signature. And that you have to meet the right person at the right time. And that you have to sleep with their girlfriend. Or is that a perk?

It does have quite a cool.. i can’t call it a scene…  Moment? Moment. Where paintings come to life and melt and people come become animated (for the first and only time). It goes without saying that if you don’t like EDM i’d avoid the soundtrack. It would be good for parties though.

Anything else to add before I go for a nice lie down?

Zac Efron is incredibly hot, his friends are holding him back but were meant to sympathize with them, it uses more narration than it needs to and… er… if you were to see this film after some “sugar” it might be a better film.

My score- Poor


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