Batman V Superman Teaser Trailer Review

So the new trailer for Batman V Superman / Man of Steel Sequel has dropped and…

It’s awesome!

And it’s a grey depressing mess which shows that Warner Brothers and DC have learnt nothing from Man of Steel.

And yes, I can hold both of those thoughts in my head at the same time. Lets me try and explain why.

To look at, the trailer is impressive, it ties in directly with Man of Steel and shows the world asking itself what to do with Superman? After all, he’s basically a God and whats to stop him when if he goes bad? And even when he was trying to help he flattened a city.

It shows Bruce Wayne realizing that he needs to become Batman again, as he is the only one who could stand before Superman. It even shows Wonder Woman for half a second.

The cast look good, (except for Lex Luthor) and its clear that there’s going to be a ton of stunts. But here’s where the issues start to creep in for me.

Allegedly, after Green Lantern sank faster than the Titanic, DC decidd that it was purely down to the level of ‘jokes’ in the script and decreed that there was to never again be a joke in one of their films.

Leaving aside the fact that Green Lantern failed in every way imaginable, this means that most DC films are very hard to watch. Grim and gritty works for Batman, he’s a rich guy with issues. But Superman is meant to be about hope and there was very little of that in Man of Steel.

Truth be told, I found that film grim, hard to watch owing to it’s grey tone and fac that no-body seemed to talk like a human being, the constant CGI action became annoying and I just wanted a joke, a one liner, hell, even a DAD joke and it looks like the same is happening in this film.

I’m still looking forward to it, but I can already tell that it’s going to be action heavy, no-body is going to talk like a human and i’m going to leave with a splitting headache.



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