Movies Should be Good- A response

(This entry is a response to the following it’s a very good and thought provoking read, here are my thoughts on the matter.)

Every movie should strive to the best movie that it can be, no matter the genre, style or budget, it should try it’s hardest to make us care about what happens to the characters that we are glimpsing in the haiku-like world of film.

But more and more films (especially big budget ones) are going for style and spectacle over substance. A lot of the films that I have seen this summer have been let downs because I haven’t cared about the people or wondered how they are going to escape from their situations. I know that there are only seven stories and that there can only be a finite number of variations, but even so, with the exception of Mad Max: Fury Road I can’t remember the last clever film I saw.

And people are very forgiving of this fact. If the soundtrack was full of yodeling cats, or the cameras out of focus then people would complain but somehow the plot gets a free pass.

And I even mentioned it in my Jurassic World world review, opening with perhaps the ultimate description of films like this “it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,Signifying nothing.” by William Shakespeare. And I think I understand the reason why. The world today is stressful, from the moment we wake up we worry about rent, gas bills, food bills, popularity, work, losing work, and a million other things. And as an antidote to that stress, we relax into films, watching these stories, enjoying them as we did bed-time stories when we were young, knowing that ultimately good will triumph and what was wrong will be made right.

This is not a perfect system, actor Simon Pegg has warned that popular culture has been creating a world full of infants in adult bodies.  ( And I do think this is a correct view up to a point. People want to be distracted and forget their lives for two hours and you can do that easier in Ant-Man then you can in Selma.  

What do you guys think?


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