The Longest Ride Review

Film Review- The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride (2015) Poster

Director: George Tillman Jr.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Britt Robertson Britt Robertson
Scott Eastwood Scott Eastwood
Alan Alda Alan Alda
Jack Huston Jack Huston
Oona Chaplin Oona Chaplin

Plot- After an automobile crash, the lives of a young couple intertwine with a much older man, as he reflects back on a past love.

Review- Presenting the tenth (and longest) film based on a Nicholas Sparks novel is a bit of a tricky proposition. Because there are only so many times that I can say “It’s the Notebook with Bull-riding.” Because that’s all this is. It has the same plot, characters shooting style, dialogue, bland characters and music as the rest of them.

I did enjoy the bull-riding scenes, and er….

No, that’s about it.

But this isn’t a film for me. In my screening there were 30 women and 2 guys, and they loved it. They had laughed at the corny jokes, swooned at the love story, cried when they were meant to. And even a crusty old grump like myself can admire the almost terminator like way it goes after its target audience.

But there was one thing that I cannot forgive this film for. The past love story (set in 1940) featured a Jewish couple, and “Young Ruth” has fled from Vienna with her parents. She mentions in an offhand comment that all her relatives have vanished and its. Never. Mentioned. Again. And that set my blood boiling. As it should anybody with the slightest knowledge of that era.

Oona Chaplin as “Young Ruth” is excellent in a role that is very nearly a side character with little to do beyond get married and cry. Britt Robertson, so good in Tomorrowland is good again here, both guys are fine in a sort of bland way but for me the star of the show was Alan Alda as Ira Levinson, as a man trying to pass on the lessons of his life before his time runs out. He’s easily giving the best performance.

One of the main issues for me, was that there was no menace, no sense of threat. When the characters split up, I never thought that it would be forever, that there was any sense of risk or danger. But what did I expect?

The cinematography is fine if uninspired, the music is fine but bland. Its cinematic comfort food and i’m sure it’s target audience will gobble it up with abandon.

But for me? If Nothing Else 

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